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Welcome to Day 3 with April Peebler


April Peebler

April has been an advocate for eco- and social-justice for all of her adult life. She learned to scuba dive in Palau while there on an oversees externship during law school working with Senate Legal Counsel and learned quickly about the atrocities that our oceans face. She developed a deep passion for the ocean and for protecting it, which never waned. When her daughters Dakota and Charley were in preschool and kindergarten, April left her legal profession and decided to teach them outside of brick-and-mortar schools so that they could study real-world issues and problem solving as an integral part of their curriculum. Seven years ago April developed a learning model that utilizes interdisciplinary studies where all subject matters tie into a theme of solving a real-world problem. Through a group-learning environment, the kids were taught through project-based, hands-on, and "in-the-field” learning utilizing specialists for various disciplines and experiences. After seeing her daughters’ care for the health of the natural environment and their reverence for the ocean and the life in it, the Peebler family embarked upon a journey that would take them well beyond a school year: They formed a Founding Heirs chapter and started a global movement of supporting youth through education and empowerment to improve the health of the oceans for future generations. April’s background in environmental advocacy, law, and progressive education serves to steer the vision and mission of Heirs To Our Ocean along with her tireless passion and commitment to the next generation and the health of of the oceans for future generations.

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