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Melissa Aguayo

Youth Leadership Resources Are Everywhere. We Just Have To Look.

with Melissa Aguayo
5 Gyres Institute

Lisa Highfill

How Are We Getting In The Way Of Learning And Technology To Create, Not To Consume

with Lisa Highfill

April Peebler

These Are What Youth Leaders Look Like

with April Peebler
Heirs To Our Oceans


Figuring Out What Excited Our Kids

with Blair Lee
Secular Eclectic Academic Inc

Laurie Ann Thompson

How To Pick A Project And Make A Plan

with Laurie Ann Thompson
Author of "Be A Change Maker"

Jon Corippo

Why Is School So Boring? What Can Parents Do About It?

with Jon Corippo

Elisabeth Donati

Three Keys To Raising Money Savvy Adults

with Elisabeth Donati
Creative Wealth International

Robyn Murphy

Don’t Be Shy, Get Connected To A Local Organization!

with Robyn Murphy
Grades of Green

Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT

Project Based Learning For Social Impact

with Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT
Author of "Project Based Learning"

Janice Walton

What is Global Education and Why Should We Care?

with Janice Walton
Getting Smart

Tedd Wakeman

Maker Spaces 101 and How They Make Leaders

with Tedd Wakeman
Co-Founder of Sycamore School

Kelly Hilton

Getting Our Minds Right, To Avoid Those “Homework” Battles

with Kelly Hilton
HyperDocs, LLC

Katie Allen

Extrovert? Introvert? All Kids Can Be Leaders

with Katie Allen

Naomi Aldort

Learning To Create Versus Learning to Follow

with Naomi Aldort
Author of "Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves"

Corina Silva

What Can Nature Teach Us About Leadership?

with Corina Silva
Environmental Nature Center

Marissa Nadjarian

Figuring Out What Excites Our Kids to Get Active

with Marissa Nadjarian, M.Ed.
The Educators Consortium for Service Learning

Rebecca Mannis

Knowing Your Child's Learning Style and Using It As A Map

Rebecca Mannis, Ph.D.
Ivy Prep Learning Center

Matt Larriva

How to Get Kids To Achieve? Eliminate the Stress!

with Matt Larriva
Powerful Prep

Heather Martinson

Learning as a Journey

with Heather Martinson
Celebration Education

Shannon Johnson

The Value Of Having a Youth Mentor

Shannon Johnson
Success Mentor

Ally Celones Senturk

The Power of Internships and Service Learning Opportunities

Ally Celones Senturk
Surfrider Program Chair