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Welcome to Day 18 with Matthew Larriva


Matt Larriva

Matt Larriva is an expert in test-prep, test-taking, and the pre-college process.

In addition to publishing three books on test prep, Matthew is the founder of Powerful Prep, a leading concierge tutoring firm, dedicated to transparency, massive point gains, and customized curriculum. Powerful Prep hires only Ivy League grads, offers industry-leading point gains, and has the highest reviews of any college program in Southern California. The program has been featured multiple times on CBS as the premier test prep program in the LA area.

He tutors locally and globally for those seeking the best in test prep. You can read more about his program at Matthew Larriva - Premier SAT/ACT Tutoring

He has passed two of Degree Library's 10 Hardest Exams in the World including the Mensa admissions exam, and the CFA exam--the test The Wall Street Journal called the world's hardest test. Matt completed his undergraduate at The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, and is completing his Masters in Applied Statistics at UCLA, with a focus in machine learning. He enjoys skydiving, and has played oboe at Carnegie Hall twice.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about test prep or the pre-college process. Matthew loves to see students succeed regardless of whom they prep with.

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