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Welcome to Day 16 with Marissa Nadjarian


Marissa Nadjarian

Marissa Nadjarian, M.Ed. is a former elementary school educator and practitioner of service learning- a teaching methodology that introduces students to societal issues through the classroom curriculum and allows them to be agents of change by developing their own initiatives. As an educational consultant, she advises for the Educators Consortium for Service Learning and leads professional development workshops for schools and nonprofits, such as the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, CA. These programs help teachers and administrators find effective ways of engaging students in service that connects with their curriculum and school culture. Marissa also brings this philosophy of civic responsibility into her family life, sharing and consulting about these practices on and with local parenting communities interested in raising socially conscious children. Her motivation comes from seeing students turn into advocates- informing their peers, teachers, and parents about issues at stake in their community. She is committed to working with organizations that see the value of engaging youth in addressing society's challenges.

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